Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Woman's Heart - Week 1 Video Response Sheet

For those who are participating in the A Woman's Heart study by Beth Moore, below are the answers for the Week 1 video response sheet. Items in bold are the answers for the blanks.

Broken Hearts, Broken Ties

Ties Between God's Heavenly Dwelling, the Garden and the Tabernacle

1. Compare the settings in Revelation 22:1-2 and Genesis 2:8-10.

a. tree b. river c. mountain

2. The consistency of God:
  • God told Moses to tell Pharaoh: "Get thee unto Pharaoh in the morning...And thou shalt say to him, The LORD God of the Hebrews hath sent me unto thee, saying, Let my people go, that they may serve me in the wilderness" (Exodus 7:5-16, KJV; recall Genesis 3:18).
  • Compare Genesis 3:8 with Leviticus 26:11-12 and Deuteronomy 23:14. According to Dr. G.K. Beale, "The same Hebrew verbal form (stem) mithallek (hithpael) used for God's walking back and forth in the Garden, also describes God's presence in the tabernacle.
  • Man's primary commission was to work and take care of his garden home (Genesis 2:15). Compare Numbers 3:7-8. "Both terms occur together to describe the charge of the Levites for the tabernacle (Numbers 3:7-8; 18:7), thus again suggesting a relationship between Eden and tabernacle." Connect the wording back to 7:16.
  • See the play on words in Genesis 2:24-25 and 3:1. The term 'naked' (pl. arummim) is a play on the word 'crafty' (arum), which describes the nature of the serpent."

3. God's determination to connect earth with heaven.

According to G.K. Beale, the three parts of Israel's temple represented the three parts of the cosmos: the outer court: visible earth; the holy place: visible heavens; the Holy of Holies: dwelling of God.

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