Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breaking Free by Beth Moore - Session Two Video Answers

For those who are participating in the Breaking Free study by Beth Moore, below are the answers for the session two video response sheet. Items in bold are the answers for the blanks.

Breaking Free – Session Two Viewer Guide

Few books of the Bible are more fascinating or more prophetically baffling than the Book of Isaiah. Not coincidentally, the name of the prophet – and subsequently the book – means “The LORD saves” or “The LORD is Savior.” It is a hotbed of messianic prophecies, several of which are grouped in sizeable segments we’ll read today.

Segment One
Isaiah 9:1-7 prophesies Christ’s birth.

Segment Two
Isaiah 61:1-3 prophesies Christ’s ministry.
See Luke 4:14-21. Christ takes complete ownership over the job description given Isaiah 61:1-3.

Compare Luke 8:40-48. In verse 44 the word translated “edge” (Kraspedon) is “used for the tassels the Israelites wore on the four corners of their garments.” (Word Bible Commentary) According to the New International Commentary of the New Testament, “This is the story of her resolution to cross the border of legitimate behavior to gain access to divine power.”

Segment Three
Isaiah 52:13-53:12 prophesies Christ’s suffering.

We will read the entire portion, and then discuss several key elements, particularly those with the greatest bearing on our present journey:
52:13 – The Hebrew words translated “raised and lifted up” are used as a pair four times in Isaiah and nowhere else (see 6:1; 57:15). They are highly significant here because they refer to God alone.

Three kinds of suffering this prophetic poem predicts:



The highly intentional repetition of terms in Isaiah 53:3-4:
Verse 3: “A man of pain, one who knows sickness.” (New International Commentary on the New Testament)

Verse 4: “But surely it was our sickness He carried, our pains He bore.” (New International Commentary on the New Testament)

The great paradox: that healing can flow from a wounding.


VJ said...

Thanks for the assistance. :)

yoberger said...

Hi Sally. I stumbled upon your blog by Googling for the answers to Beth Moore's Breaking Free listening guide.

THEN I saw "Grey's Anatomy" out of the corner of my eye, and I was intrigued by a person having both BF and GA in her blog.

I really like your idea of blogging about what you see on TV. I thought this several times while watching LOST (that I had a lot of thoughts to capture). I have blogged about what I am learning in my Quiet Times, but not what I am watching on TV. What a good way to combine two areas of my life (my Christian thinking and my entertainment habits). These areas are intertwined anyway, so capturing them is a good idea!

Tidbit-- I agreed to watch The Bachelor this Fall w my 21 year old daughter (at UNC-Charlotte), in exchange for her doing a Bible Study long distance with me. Normally I would not watch this show.

Thanks again for your thoughts. My blog is getting a new category: TV shows. Wow. Since my blog likes to listen to me, I could have a book category and dump my thoughts about The Hunger Games!

--Cathy Berger
Cary, NC

Allison said...

I found your blog while searching for the viewer guide session answers for breaking free. Question: do you know why the newer version of the workbook's sessions don't match up with the audio sessions I'm able to purchase on iTunes?

Sally Loftis said...

You are welcome, VJ!

Sally Loftis said...

Cathy - I'm so glad you have been inspired!

Sally Loftis said...

Allison - I'm not sure about the matches between iTunes and the books. Our Bible study was conducted via the video series before it was posted to iTunes.