Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breaking Free by Beth Moore - Introductory video answers

For those who are participating in the Breaking Free study by Beth Moore, below are the answers for the introductory video response sheet. Items in bold are the answers for the blanks.

Breaking Free – Session One Viewer Guide (INTRODUCTORY SESSION)

Isaiah 61:1-3 shapes the heart of our study and states the gracious intent of our God. Before we take this process forward, we’ll trace it backward and capture a fascinating parallel for freedom drawn in Isaiah 9:4.

Turn to Judges 6:1-6. A few things we need to know about yokes and how they can be shattered based on the example of “Midian’s defeat.”

The blessed people of God can live under great oppression. The goal of the oppressor is to make us…

Unproductive (vv. 3-4) – Hebrew shahat: “ruin…corrupt...lose…spill…waste.” In the KJV terminology, the oppressors destroyed the increase.” (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance)

Impoverished (v. 6) – Hebrew dalal: “bring low, dry up, be emptied, not be equal, fail, be impoverished.” (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance)

If we don’t seek freedom, we will seek shelter (v. 2 and glance ahead to v. 11).

Consider a little history on the relationship between the Israelites and the Midianites…

Read Judges 6:7-17.

God stands to get much glory from making mighty warriors out of the least likely.

Read Judges 6:17-23.

Whatever we may end up setting on the altar will be wholly received by God.

The purpose of this journey is not to kill us but to bring us to the full measure of abundant life He promised us (v. 23).


BluePlate said...

Thank you for posting these answers. I missed a few, and no one else had them, either!

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This is so helpful. Thank you!

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Thank you for posting this I honestly was having trouble getting the right answer on some of these even after watching the video a few times over.

troublestudy said...

Thank you I have looked and read the bibles I have never been so discouraged about ??s of one verse. Where did you find answers? I am so confused and no looking forward to the rest of the study..