Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Breaking Free by Beth Moore - Session Five Video Answers

For those who are participating in the Breaking Free study by Beth Moore, below are the answers for the session five response sheet. Items in bold are the answers for the blanks.

Breaking Free – Session Five Viewer Guide

In the journey to freedom, nothing has greater potential to weigh us down than the family baggage.

If we dare to break free while some of our family members remain in bondage, we are going to have to exercise some courage!

“The spirit which they then received, the new nature and life that God gave them, was not ‘a slavery-spirit.’ The two words being a practical compound.” Instead, “we received ‘a spirit of adoption,’ the opposite of a ‘spirit of slavery.’”

Courage to believe we can be different.
We often feel the family chains will never fall off of us because they’re in us.
In the context of the Potter reshaping the clay, God said to His people, “ ‘turn…each one of you, and reform your ways and actions.’ But they will reply, ‘It’s no use’” (Jer. 18:11).

Courage to be misunderstood.
We may be mistaken as…
Saviors (see Is. 3:5-7)

Courage to “extract the precious from the worthless.” (Jer. 15:19, NASB)
Let’s camp on a common generational stronghold that is poisonous: prejudice.

Prejudice is grievous sin fueled by fear and ignorance.
Prejudice propagates from the false notion that, if people are different, someone has to be better.

Courage to deal a new way with old memories.

“Memory…is vigorously present tense, selecting out of the storehouse of the past, retrieving and arranging images and insights, and then hammering them together for use in the present moment.”

In Isaiah 33:6, God offers a second storehouse. Every time you draw something painful from your storehouse, draw something priceless from God’s:
· Salvation, also translated deliverance – yeshu ‘a’
· Wisdom
· Knowledge

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